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Workshop Cleanup…Where to begin?

3 years ago we moved from Gardner Kansas to Omaha Nebraska; while we were looking for houses I had the requirement of a separate workshop or a much larger garage and the wife had a requirement of being able to park in the garage and not in the drive way since I have the tendency […]

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Kids Kitchen Part Deux

A couple of years ago the wife and I were shopping for kids kitchens, my requirements was it was well made and wouldn’t fall apart.  After much shopping we found that the well built ones were going to cost around $500 from KidsCraft;  with that price tag it better cook dinner for real.  I knew […]

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The Mad Dash – Baby Cradle Refinish

Let me set the scene for you, it was 4th of July 2013, I am having a 4th of July get together and my friends Doug and Lacey are pregnant with their first child.  Over the course of the night we drank (Doug and I) and enjoyed the fireworks, BBQ and good conversation.  At some […]

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